• Rock-Medicine

Rock-Medicine differs from other ideological schools of thought regarding crystal and stone influences. Over time, the science behind Rock-Medicine has gained legitimacy by identifying that minerals are precision chemical instruments capable of balancing one’s mind, body and spirit to a state of well being through a system devoid of mysticism, subjectivity or illusory conventions.

The laws of chemistry and the laws of quantum/standard physics unite the function of Rock-Medicine. At the foundation of all tangible existence is math and chemistry. All life on our planet, and the planet itself, is made up of varying elements inclusive of Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Carbon and Oxygen. All matter is chemically based and is therefore energy in motion. That is the fundamental principle of Rock-Medicine.

Rock-Medicine does not replace medical practitioners, nor the need for medical diagnosis.   All of these minerals can be applied in the same context as allopathic and homeopathic remedies. By utilizing the chemical vibration, and not introducing any residual or additional toxicity, Rock-Medicine is virtually free of any side effects. Using only the chemical vibration of the mineral(s), there is no depletion of the source; hence, the cost effectiveness of the Rock-Medicine program and should permit you to work with your practitioner in managing and restoring your vitality.

Rock-Medicine restores the ownership of wellness to the people, of all countries, regardless of economic and health infrastructure. This is the reason; a single set of seven (7) stones can literally provide the necessary elements which are required for the chemical necessity to support the health of a person, a village, or for that matter, an entire nation!