Amazonite Deals with Judgement


The stone Amazonite deals with judgement. The word judgement has gotten a bad rap. Judgement is something we use every day. It is what helps us determine when it is safe to cross the street. We make value judgements all the time. What is not appropriate is to judge anyone harshly. Amazonite removes attitudes of judgement regarding one’s brethren’s manner, custom, appearance, practice and beliefs. Most important it sets the value judgement center in balance while educating the conscious mind in utilizing good judgement.

Amazonite eliminates judgmental attitudes in us towards others and in others towards us and fosters good judgement. Amazonite came of age on August 16, 1987-The Harmonic Convergence- which was Judgement Day. This was the day the Age of Fire moved into the Age of Light. The laws of karma as we knew them changed. We moved forward in a global observation of dedication to peace and harmony by the masses around the world. No longer can we look at the plight of another and move on believing that they are to be left to their own devices. We are responsible for the survival and wellbeing of each other as never before.

Amazonite begins a precious course of healing for us all.

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