Rock-Medicine’s Global Spreads Healing The Planet

Blanket Spread

Please join us as we chronicle the progress of Rock-Medicine’s Global Spreads healing the planet. Global Blanket spreads are an apparatus, built out of crystals and stones, to specifications for the precise treatment of the entire planet and all on her. A blanket spread is generated through clear quartz crystal. The crystal or crystals used need not have good points or terminations. It is just the bulk quartz itself that is being used. There is no limit to the size or number of quartz pieces you can pile together as the generator. A blanket spread will go a distance equal to one hundred miles per pound of quartz crystal. Planet Earth has a diameter of 7,918 miles. It requires 80 pounds of quartz crystal to generate it a distance of 8000 miles, which exceeds the circumference of Earth. Needed also are the stone(s) you are setting the spread for. You can set a spread for anything in the physical, emotional or spiritual body. Turn on the spread by putting a lapis strand all the way around it. A blanket spread will penetrate all matter of material. A blanket spread may be placed inside any type of a case to protect it from dust particulates and human, animal or insect contact.

This journey began in 1987 when four students of mine traveled and put small local blanket spreads in place in four key locations on Earth. They each covered less than a 500-mile radius, containing less than 5 pounds of quartz generator pieces. The first was in Jerusalem in 1987 and included petrified wood for emotional balance among others. The Palestinian Declaration of Independence took place on November 15, 1988 and was interpreted as recognition of the State of Israel, and support for a two-state solution. The second, in South Africa, was set in 1987 also, and contained Aventurine for prejudice. Aparteit ended in 1994. The third was placed in St. Petersburg Russia and Communism in the region ended in 1989. The fourth went to Berlin in 1988 and the Berlin Wall came down in November 1990.

It takes years to get measurable change from a distance blanket spread, regardless of size.

The very first Global Blanket Spread was set up in 2007. An interesting timeline to assign this spread is how it coincides with the height of Colony Collapse Disorder and what that might look like if applied to human society. This is actually the scientific name given for the disappearance of bees which hit its height also in 2007. The spread was set with over 80 pounds of quartz crystal, jade, amber, and dinosaur bone. Jade removes toxic blockage, amber restores the memory of wellness, and dinosaur bone combats waste. Waste of any kind. This is waste of resources to the wasting of energy in just plain worrying. When you relieve all the aspects of waste plaguing humanity it began a domino effect of healing on a monumental level. The spread was up from 2007 to 2015 and is the longest Blanket application we’ve put up for the planet to date. How go the bees so goes the planet. The number of hive losses attributed to CCD has dropped from roughly 60 percent of total hives lost in 2008 to 31.1 percent in 2013; in initial reports for 2014-2015 losses, CCD is not mentioned at all.

blanket Spread contains quartz crystal, jade, amber, and dinosaur bone.

Blanket Spread contains quartz crystal, jade, amber, and dinosaur bone.

From 2007 to 2015 we have seen an unprecedented movement in the individual human condition. People are speaking out against humanity’s injustices in unprecedented numbers. Governments have transformed in the wake of ‘worker bees’ taking to the streets. Standing up and taking action is the only way we will bring an enlightened state to the world. In 2007, we considered and discussed hundreds of options for Earth’s priority illness. Waste was the obvious choice for us to address with the first 80 pounds of quartz were able to collect.

In 2009 there were 18 Global Blanket Spreads up. We will discuss each of them in the coming weeks. They were disassembled in 2015. They were moved and in February of 2016 we assembled 15 new spreads. We’ll continue sharing pictures. These blogs will be the chronicles of Earth’s Blanket Spreads!

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