The Preparation In Setting Up Global Blanket Spreads

 cases are made of glass and are thoroughly cleaned inside and out   Quartz pieces were all power washed





The preparation in setting up Global Blanket Spreads begins with cleansing…everything! The cases are made of glass and are thoroughly cleaned inside and out. The quartz pieces were all power washed to get every speck of dirt off of them. There was over 1000 pounds of quartz to wash!

Reinforced Shelves were constructed   Cleaning Lapis Strands





Shelves were constructed inside the shed and were reinforced to hold the massive weight of the 16 spreads. Lapis strands were cleaned and restrung…over 70 feet of them! Every spread requires one strand of lapis to surround it for the transmission of the spread. A single strand can measure up to 5 feet!

Stones were selected for each spread to transmit  Rose Quartz





Stones were selected for each spread to transmit. Some are combinations for physical healing and some are single stones for working on the etheric body. Shown are the stones for brain chemical balance and rose quartz for grief over loss. We’ll be getting into these and the rest of the spreads in more detail as the series continues. All stones are cleaned and left untouched to clear of all residual toxins from our handling of them.


Organic dehumidifier

Small packets of organic dehumidifier were assembled, also wearing gloves, to put in each case with the spreads. This will prevent any moisture from condensation forming inside the case. The spreads have to be kept free from insects, dust, dirt, and mold in order to deliver clean effective medicine to the planet.



Global Blanket Spreads

Before final set up, every case and its contents were vacuumed so as to remove even the slightest speck of dust. Before shutting the door, the space will be vacuumed a final time to remove dust from the air inside the shed. All work is done while wearing gloves to keep the spreads free from toxicity. The heavy cases were set over each spread and towels help keep the bottom sealed tight. These are your Global Blanket Spreads! Follow as we discuss the past 15 applications that brought us to where we are now. The new spreads are up and complete and full detail on each will be featured as this series continues…


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