ROCKS HEAL! The Science of Rock-Medicine


ROCKS HEAL!  The Science of Rock-Medicine   –  This book is to serve as both a layman’s use guide, and a comprehensive medical text on the clinical application of crystals and gemstones as medicine.



ROCKS HEAL! The Science of Rock-Medicine – The intention of this book is to serve as both a layman’s use guide, and a comprehensive medical text on the clinical application of crystals and gemstones as medicine. We will show that minerals are precision chemical instruments capable of balancing one’s mind, body and spirit to a state of wellbeing, through a system devoid of mysticism, subjectivity, or illusory conventions.

Rock-Medicine differs from other ideological schools of thought regarding crystal and stone influences. Over time the science behind the practice of Rock-Medicine has gained legitimacy. We will show how the laws of chemistry and the laws of quantum and standard physics unite and rule the function of Rock-Medicine. At the foundation of all tangible existence is math and chemistry. All life on the planet, and the planet itself, are made up of varying elements inclusive of Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Carbon and Oxygen. All matter is chemically based and is in motion. This is the fundamental principle of Rock-Medicine.

The Science of Rock-Medicine

The business of medicine and medical research today appears to be one of dependency on the existence of illness rather than the eradication of disease. Making the human body into a monopolized marketplace has brought the practice of medicine to its equal and opposite intent. It is time to restore wellness as the right and the responsibility that it is, and not the for-profit industry it has become.  Rock-Medicine returns ownership of medicine to all people of all nations. Rock-Medicine does not replace medical practitioners, just the toxic medicines that are currently in use. Rock-Medicine returns us to what nature provides, without synthetics that provide a company with a patented product.

While more and more of us seek alternatives to the toxic pharmaceutical and organic medicines, quantum, or energy, methodologies are taking their place. The Rock-Medicine system is that of utilizing the chemical resonance emitted from all sorts of crystals, gems and stones.  Rock-Medicine is the only scientifically standardized system of this kind. Minerals can be applied in the same context as pharmaceuticals and naturopathic remedies. By utilizing the chemical vibration and not introducing any residue or additional toxicity, Rock-Medicine is free from harmful side effects. Because you use the chemical vibration of the mineral only, there is no depletion of the source medicine, and this makes for an extremely cost effective program. Rock-Medicine is easily self-administered and shared with others. For example, a single set of the Seven Cleansing Stones can treat the immune systems of an entire village, or nation, forever.

Sela Weidemann