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Unlike the stones we use to remove toxicity, these 14 stones are protection. Wearing the Shield Stone™ Bracelets is akin to having emotional armor on. Each bracelet has all 14 of the Shield Stone™ on it. All bracelets work the same for every person. Because they do not deal in toxicity, they do not have to be ‘cleansed’ energetically.

Shield Stone™ Bracelets can be worn 24/7. They may be worn in the bath or shower to be cleaned of any oils or residue from wearing them. It is recommended that your Shield Stone™ bracelet fit snugly to the wrist so that incidents of snagging them and breaking the filament they are strung on are minimized. Some people, who have jobs that require them to use their hands and arms often, such as a massage therapist or warehouse worker, opt for wearing the anklet instead of the bracelet. This keeps it out of their way and, again, minimizes incidents of breakage. Shield Stone™ Anklets are worn on the coordinating gender-appropriate side, as with the Shield Stone™ bracelets. Right for women and left for men.

The stones respond to you as needed. The chrysocolla encourages education while the rose quartz helps with grief over any losses. The petrified wood keeps stress at bay and amazonite breeds good judgment. Each stone knows and performs its own job with no need for acceptance or affirmation by the wearer.

This may be the single most valuable Rock-medicine application across the board, as it is needed and utilized equally by everyone.

The pictures provided show several styles/color bracelets;  Each Shield Stone™ bracelet is one of a kind; the one shown is an example; the sizes, color and shape of stones can vary between one bracelet and another and even within the same bracelet.

 Wrist Measurements Suggested Bracelet Size
4 5/8 — 5’’ X-Small
5 1/8 — 5 1/2’’ Small
5 5/8 — 6’’ Medium
6 1/8 — 6 1/2’’ Large
6 5/8 — 7’’ X-Large

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