Seven Cleanser Instruction

The seven cleansers are wonderful tools to use as preventative measures to boost our immune system. They restore it and protect it from damage due to environmental toxins and daily stresses.

Just as our immune system is essential to our wellness the seven cleansers are essential to your crystal and gemstone ‘tool box’. Virtually all illness is related to the compromise, or failure, of one or more parts of our immune systems. These seven stones represent each one of the seven regions of our physiology that makes up the combined immune systems.

Removing toxicity and blockage from fundamental areas including oxygen, water and thyroid, the seven cleansers often are all that is required to regain ones state of well being. They will always be part of any more specific stones combinations targeting specific body parts and/or functions.

The length of time one must use the stones for a specific imbalance varies based upon three factors; the age of the patient, the severity of the illness and the longevity of the illness. For general applications such as the boosting of the immune system with the seven cleansers we recommend no less than three weeks.

Nephrite Jade – To remove any blockage to the flow of wellness.

Seven Cleansers with Amethyst

Seven Cleansers with Amethyst

Amber – To link to the DNA ‘memory’ of your well state.

Hematite – To purify the blood in people under 55 years old.

Carnelian – To purify the blood in people 55 years and older.

Smokey Quartz – To purify the water in the body.

Pyrite – To purify the oxygen in the body.

Old Clay – To regulate the immune systems.

Covellite – To remove radiation toxicity from the thyroid.

And an additional stone: 

Amethyst – For cell division.

Under age 55

Over 55 Years of age

Over 55 Years of age


SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS  – We include both Hematite and Carnelian. You should only use one OR the other of them based upon your age. Anyone under the age of 55 uses Hematite for blood purification, and those 55 and older use Carnelian.


To use – take off ALL your jewelry, metals and any other stones you may have on, whenever you are doing an application. You need to hold all stones together in the proper hand for 19 minutes*. For females – hold in the right hand, and for males – hold in the left hand.

After use, put the stones aside – to detoxify and restore back to each stone’s unique energetic resonance; this process takes a minimum of 3 hours.   Please do NOT use Metal or Stone containers, as the Cleansing Stones would pick up an energetic imprint and would change/shift the Cleansing Stones’ energy.

Repeat this 4 times a day at 3-4 hour intervals. Not unlike antibiotics, it is the repetition and consistency that makes this work.

*Please note that when you first begin to use Rock-medicine, you could experience an initial rapid detoxification on all levels. You have four elimination systems; bladder, colon, respiratory (nose/lungs); skin.  Some experiences have included having several hours of flu-like symptoms a day or two into treatment, as the body begins its restoration, and eliminates toxins through whichever orifice is most convenient to the locale of the affected body part(s). This could be in the form of vomit, diarrhea, or increased urination. It may also be secretions such as mucus from nose or lungs and even fluid or higher volume wax from the ears. It is important to be well hydrated when doing any cleanse, as water will help move toxins out of the body more quickly.

At any time you should have a question or concerns, please contact Sela at or

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