Stage One of Global Crystal Spreads


Beginning in 2009 stage one of Global Crystal Spreads commenced. Most were up for approximately five years. These global blanket spreads, when assembled, each contained over 80 pounds of quartz crystal to generate their healing influence to the entire planet. A ring of lapis around the spread acts as the ‘on’ switch. Given the extensive disease of body, spirit and mind, we took careful consideration on what stone combinations to start with. Another contributing factor was that it takes 3-5 years to elicit results from a blanket spread. We knew that, once set, they would have to be in place for some time. We will cover the first 4 Global blanket spreads here.

Global 1

Community unity

(Jade, Amber, Lapis, Aragonite, Gold)

Jade is to remove the toxic blockage contributing to the resistance of the healthy flow of unity. That blockage is the result of a lack of respect for one another. Amber gives humanity its memory of what that unity felt like when it was originally intact. Aragonite is the specific mineral that triggers the portion of our psyche that deals with our sense of community. A sense of community is comprised of several elements. They include boundaries, emotional safety, a sense of belonging, identification and personal involvement. It is the emotional connection that humans feel for one another as a species. Lapis is included to strengthen the influence of the other stones and gold contributes physical strength to the purpose. This spread is to heal relationships between the masses, between neighbors friends and acquaintances. This is the first step towards world unity.

Global 2

Smokey Quartz

Water Purification

(Jade, Amber, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Gold)

Jade, again, removes toxic blockage and amber gives the memory of a toxin free condition. Smokey Quartz contains tiny clusters of aluminum atoms whose vibration extract pure hydrogen from water. This stone’s influence flushes toxins out of H2O anywhere. Amethyst is a silicon dioxide with iron. It triggers and accelerates cell division. This is treating the water everywhere on the planet. It includes bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, aquifers, oceans, streams and creeks. It also acts upon the water content in biological lifeforms and organic matter. The global blanket spread will only serve to eradicate the built up toxicity over the past generations. Of course, lowering existing levels toxicity is only a bandaid if poisons are continually reintroduced.

Global 3

Physical balance trigger for those 55 and over

(Jade, Amber, Pyrite, Smokey Quartz, Carnelian, Clay, Covellite, Gold)

Global 4

Physical balance trigger for those under 55

(Jade, Amber, Pyrite, Smokey Quartz, Hematite, Clay, Covellite, Gold)

Both of these combinations are to initiate the detoxification and stabilization of the immune systems in our bodies. It includes the physical, mental and emotional body. The first 7 on the list of two stone combinations are known as the Seven Cleansers. Read more about them here. Seven Cleansers Gold is included for strength as needed. This application will be moving the vast toxic buildup in the immune systems of all animal lifeforms on the planet. The initial detoxification is essential to prepare for subsequent healing and balancing of the sentient inhabitants of Mother Earth.

Our next installment will include the global spreads that were set for Truth, Healing the Inner Child, Heart Conditions and Cancer.

The physical science of Rock-Medicine is offered in the new release “ROCKS HEAL”, by Sela Weidemann.

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