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Stage One of Global Crystal Spreads

Beginning in 2009 stage one of Global Crystal Spreads commenced. Most were up for approximately five years. These global blanket spreads, when assembled, each contained over 80 pounds of quartz crystal to generate their healing influence to the entire planet. A ring of lapis around the spread acts as the ‘on’ switch. Given the extensive […]

The Preparation In Setting Up Global Blanket Spreads

            The preparation in setting up Global Blanket Spreads begins with cleansing…everything! The cases are made of glass and are thoroughly cleaned inside and out. The quartz pieces were all power washed to get every speck of dirt off of them. There was over 1000 pounds of quartz to wash! […]

Rock-Medicine’s Global Spreads Healing The Planet

Please join us as we chronicle the progress of Rock-Medicine’s Global Spreads healing the planet. Global Blanket spreads are an apparatus, built out of crystals and stones, to specifications for the precise treatment of the entire planet and all on her. A blanket spread is generated through clear quartz crystal. The crystal or crystals used […]