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Stage One of Global Crystal Spreads

Beginning in 2009 stage one of Global Crystal Spreads commenced. Most were up for approximately five years. These global blanket spreads, when assembled, each contained over 80 pounds of quartz crystal to generate their healing influence to the entire planet. A ring of lapis around the spread acts as the ‘on’ switch. Given the extensive […]

Rock-Medicine’s Global Spreads Healing The Planet

Please join us as we chronicle the progress of Rock-Medicine’s Global Spreads healing the planet. Global Blanket spreads are an apparatus, built out of crystals and stones, to specifications for the precise treatment of the entire planet and all on her. A blanket spread is generated through clear quartz crystal. The crystal or crystals used […]

Yellow or Orange Calcite and Our Body

Yellow or orange calcite and our body. Yellow (or Orange) Calcite is a polymorphed calcium carbonate. The iron content lends it the yellow or orange color. We use this stone for directing healing towards the kidneys, liver, and bladders including the gallbladder and the gland/organ, the pancreas. These organs and their function are what process […]

ROCKS HEAL! The Science of Rock-Medicine

We are happy to announce the release of the much awaited book, ROCKS HEAL! The Science of Rock-Medicine. Twenty years ago the first Rock-Medicine book was published. It gave a very basic introduction to the use of crystals, stones and gems for healing. Little more than hypothesis, it has inspired many to consider minerals as practical […]

Amethyst for the Physical Body!

We always use amethyst for the physical body. Amethyst triggers and accelerates cell division because it is a silicon dioxide with iron. The word “amethyst” comes from the Greeks, meaning literally not toxic. Amethyst is used in all applications where cell division is mandated. We are referring specifically to cell mitosis as opposed to cell […]

Rocks To Heal The Immune System

The primary functions in our bodies are equipped to maintain wellness. These are natural defenses and are integral to the process of healing. The combined immune systems establish, maintain and defend all normal balances. When the immune system itself is compromised, there is no chance to restore or sustain a healthy body. The immune system […]

Crystals and Stones On The Job

Haven’t we all been in a work situation where we desired to help ourselves and others perform better, concentrate, or deal with stress? Well…good news! We can. To use crystals and stones on the job; the set up is called a Focus Direct. Quartz is known for its uses relative to resonant conductivity. Over the past […]

Fluorite Eliminates Excess Fluid in our Body

Fluorite eliminates excess fluid in our body. Whether it is water on the knee, water on the brain, volumes of earwax, or lung congestion all are just a few examples of excess fluid in our body. Fluorite is calcium fluoride, and in the human body the vibration of this mineral acts as flux, changing fluidity […]