These are some testimonials that have been sent in by users. If you have a story to tell about Rock-Medicine click here to share yours.

“It Works!” My 86 year old mother, after 45 years of being diagnosed with Bipolar, Schizo-affective Disorder, is now free from the volatile, physically abusive, fear-obsessed, unpredictable personality, after only two days of applying Azurite/Malachite essence to her drinking water. I have never known my mother to be sweet, forgiving, humble, gracious or compassionate, but this is the mother that I am now experiencing in her final hours on earth. Immediately after discovering Sela Weidemann, from Rock-Medicine, I sent an email asking her for help with my gravely ill mother that I recently moved in with and she graciously responded with a rock that cures “paranoid schizophrenia”. The quality of life that Azurite/Malachite is bringing to a fragile life riddled with fearful delusions and life-long misunderstandings, through Sela’s, science-based wisdom, is priceless on a grand scale.

Tina L. Freimuth, MSW.

Ok, so I had an appt at the V.A. today… it is the only health care I have frown emoticon.. but better than none at all!! So get this… they did labwork on me…. and my triglycerides are always in the thousands… they should be under 200…. it is due to my pancreas not functioning correctly, almost not functioning at all! So remember that ok?

Y’all remember me saying that when I got the quartz for the gas meter and the shungite for the electric meter, I also took some of the shungite and made elixirs with it… one stone per bottle of purified water…. and I drink one bottle a day of it for digestive issues, which includes my pancreas….

My labs came back today with my triglycerides down to 690!!!!!!!! the doctor asked me what I did! I told her I did nothing.. she then saw Sela‘s book Rock Medicine and asked me what it was about. I told her. She says we, as a scientific community really need to pay attention and do more research into that. Woohoo!!! She didn’t think I was crazy…. so she asks me again what I did to get my triglycerides down so far so fast! I pointed to the book LOL… and she said keep doing it!! She told me to research all the other health issues I have and to do elixirs for those also, as this is obviously working far better than any meds she has given me! And she didn’t try to give me anymore meds!

I do have to have an MRI though as I am having some nerve neuropathy in my left arm and the balls of my feet…. it feels like someone is grabbing my left arm and it feels like I am walking on hot burning needles on the balls of my feet… and no I am not diabetic!

Anyways, I just had to tell y’all that the shungite works!!!! And to tell Sela that she got recognition from a doctor about her book! I will be ordering the second book next week! I might even try to get a copy of each for my doctor, but will have to wait for that…. Oh and here is a link talking about the health issues shungite works with …

Belinda Lalas-Keigley

I just wanted to write to you and say how grateful I am to you. We have use Rock-Medicine and have so many success stories but these are two, I know you would like to know about. 

For Our Dog, Tank

On a Monday I was out of town and got a phone call that my 8 yr. old English Bulldog was in kidney failure and was dying and needed surgery. I requested the veterinarian to put a catheter on him and schedule surgery on Thursday.

The veterinarian said he had tested his kidneys and they were only working at 2% and must be at least 50% in order to do surgery and remove stones from him.   I took him home with no other medication at all and started doing Rock-Medicine on him. From Monday at 6pm to Thursday our last session was 4am.   Every three hours for 18 min around the clock, As I was doing the last session I was also praying to God when the session was done; I saw out of the corner of my eye clear urine running through the tube. We had him at the vet office at 7am they tested his kidneys and they were functioning at 100%. The Veterinarian was amazed. Tank just had his 12th birthday on 12/31/15. Kidneys still working!!!

For My Grandson… 

I have a grandson that is now 3 years old. He was born with ¼ of his brain missing the doctors have said he is .001% of the whole world because God had blessed not only him but us with him being able to function.   With him having this condition they had to put a shunt in as his brain creates the fluid of 2 full grown men daily. By the time he was 2 years old he had 7 brain surgeries from complications of his little body not being able to flush the fluids out fast enough from his body.

de la cruz IMG952584We were in the hospital and the doctors were very concerned that they were doing too many surgeries on him and the tissues were very fragile to sew his head up. I finally looked at my daughter, as she was crying after the nurse informed her not to plan on going home in the AM, because his body was not processing the fluid out. I asked “are you ready to do Rock-Medicine? My daughter requested that I go and get the stones.   We did Rock-Medicine every three hours for 18 min through out the night and early morning.   When the nurses arrived to check on his diaper they were so impressed that it weigh so much.   That morning was Easter morning! That was 1 ½ hears ago, we use the Rock-Medicine on him once a day for maintenance for approx. 6 months. In June of 2015 his CT scan showed that his brain had growth!   Once again .001% of the worlds as the doctors have said it is not normal for the brain to grow and fill in missing areas of the brain. We use Rock-Medicine on him all the time for different illness and to help his immune system.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you have done for our planet!

Rhonda De La Cruz